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Aftercare: Montessori Programme  

Aftercare at Newberry is an extension of the Montessori classroom, closing at 17h30.  Aftercare also operates through the school holidays, except for 3 weeks in the December holiday.

This programme provides children with an after-school care facility based upon sound Montessori principles, such as movement and cognition, order in environment and mind, respect for the child and more – in essence, a child-centred approach in an environment for children that enables them to be independent, active, and learn, but with an emphasis on free play. To facilitate this a qualified teacher is involved in this environment throughout the afternoon.

All children are welcome to participate in this program, which includes a nutritious meal based upon recommendations made by a consulting dietitian. Healthy snacks will be provided through the afternoon (seasonal fruit, etc.)

Should you wish to make further enquiries, please call the office to set up an appointment.